Meal Planning 101

Last week I took on my first client! I am formulating a meal plan based on their specific dietary needs and then cooking and packaging it all up for them for the upcoming work week. While it is not feasible to cook for everyone, I offer meal planning as a service. If you have a particular wellness goal, or have a specific dietary need and are not afraid to get in the kitchen- let me do your meal planning for you! I can take all the guesswork out of whether you are eating optimally while taking in specific dietary needs based on your health history, current state of wellness, lifestyle and budget. If needed I can provide a shopping list, and prep list, and the meal plan will be formulated so there is no leftover ingredients. In addition I can give you the nutritional profile of each recipe including the nutritional stars of each dish, with researched backed information on why I chose that particular recipe for you! Here is an example of an in-depth meal plan that was based on a particular clients needs.