The lazy way to preserve tomatoes

I would not typically describe myself as a lazy person, but as someone obsessed with efficiency. To spend hours canning a meager amount of anything is always so disheartening. Back in the good ole' days community members would meet at the local grange hall (like a rural folks community center) or go from farm to farm and everyone would pitch in and put up (ie can) their harvest together. It was a social event and also a way to preserve food for the coming winter. Now I have four tomato plants- three cherry tomatoes and one roma tomato. I love canned tomatoes and roma are by far the best variety for canning because of their low water content and general meatiness. However, with ONE tomato plant I had to wait until a good amount were ripe before I was going to waste my time canning them. This last week it was finally time and below you will find my simple, time effective, still totally sanitary method of canning tomatoes.

Super easy canned tomatoes.