Hi, I'm Lindsey.  The owner, operator, head honcho and resident curator of Bandana of the Month Club.  Below you will find some information about the history of the club, the ethos behind the company, and various fun facts!

how did bandana of the month club get started?

I used to have a herbal/culinary spice company called All Together Now.  Through this company I was constantly asked to participate in subscription boxes.  Many of these boxes want you to participate at a considerable financial loss to be viewed as an "advertising opportunity".  As a small business owner, I didn't have the capital to be spending over $30K on advertising, and many of them left me feeling like they were taking advantage of small businesses.  I decided to start my own subscription club and make sure everyone was compensated fairly for their work.  I kicked around a few ideas before having my eureka moment of bandanas! 

As a creative person that isn't very artistic, I was excited to be able to collaborate with so many artists that I love and admire. In addition, I value sustainably made, durable goods and I am happy to put a physical product out there that will only get better with age.

What can you do with so many bandanas?

Honestly, what can't you do with so many bandanas?  Here are some suggestions:

  • cloth napkins

  • washable handkerchief

  • gift wrap

  • altar cloth

  • prayer flags

  • neckerchief

  • hair tie

  • pocket square

  • hobo suitcase

  • baby burp cloth

  • give it to a friend!

  • dip it in cool water on a hot day and tie it around your neck

  • wear it under your motorcycle helmet

  • wear it as a bracelet

  • Tie it on your dog!

Soooo...tell me about yourself.....

OK, since you asked!  At Bandana of the Month Club it isn't just little ole me you see, it is an ever-changing collaboration with artists, makers, my friends and family, and of course- our club members!  If you have an idea, artist suggestion, better ways to do business, an elaborate (and funny) joke- we will listen.

On a personal note, I am a big old goofy gal currently living in the Arkansas Ozarks.  I have lived from Portland West to Portland East and all points in between.  I can usually be found on an adventure with my dog Brother.  When I am not adventuring or bandana-ing, I have a full time job as a from-scratch, organic lunch lady for a 6-12th grade school.  Leading up to this moment in my life I have worked as an organic farmer, local-foods advocate, farmers market manager, Fun Club president, and many, many odd (quite literally) jobs and side hustles. I find inspiration in books about nature, in the woods, at the swimming hole and through creative and kind humans.  I strive to find ways to give back to all that has and will continue to support me and all life. Sorry to get so heady at the end there, I was feeling it.