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Hi, I'm Lindsey.  The owner, operator, head honcho and resident curator of Bandana of the Month Club.  Below you will find some information about the history of the club, the ethos behind the company, and various fun facts!

Our History

I used to have a herbal/culinary spice company called All Together Now.  Through this company I was constantly asked to participate in subscription boxes.  Many of these boxes want you to participate at a considerable financial loss to be viewed as an "advertising opportunity".  As a small business owner, I didn't have the capital to be spending over $30K on advertising, and many of them left me feeling like they were taking advantage of small businesses.  I decided to start my own subscription club and make sure everyone was compensated fairly for their work.  I kicked around a few ideas before having my eureka moment of bandanas! I had always loved bandanas and their versatility, and always sought out unique and perfectly worn in bandanas at thrift stores and estate sales.

As a creative person that isn't very artistic, I was excited to be able to collaborate with so many artists that I love and admire. In addition, I value sustainably made, durable goods and I am happy to put a physical product out there that will only get better with age.

From the very beginning it was very important for me to do things in a way that honors my ideals and ethos in life and business. I personally seek out brands that take the triple bottom line into consideration, and wanted to build something that people could feel good about purchasing.


We have been in business since 2018, and through that time the company, product and packaging have evolved over the years.  As a serial entrepreneur, I have poured all my creative energy into BOTMC, constantly striving to make it better.  What you are receiving each month is the result of my endless quest to create the best bandana out there in a way that serves and honors its iconic status as being both humble work wear and a fashion accessory.  From a rail-ridin' hobo to Snoop to Willie to Beyonce to so many throughout history, bandanas are here for good and I am pleased to be weaving into their rich history.

How your purchase support artists

We support independent artists both established and burgeoning, and we strive to do a mix of each every single year.  We pay for a one time license of the image and encourage artists to reprint the design on anything and everything that isn't a bandana.  This allows the artist to get paid to develop an image or design that they can reuse in its entirety or in part for other projects.  For the license we pay a fair one time payment, or we offer a model where artists are paid a percentage of the profit as the bandana sells, in addition to a deposit. Additionally, we heavily promote and celebrate our artists on our social media, newsletters and at in person shows.  We wouldn't exist without the artists we collaborate with, so we take every opportunity to hype them up.  We have many return artists, at their request, because they like working with us and they enjoy the project and results.

How your purchase supports SMALL BUSINESSES

From the very beginning it was important for me to do things in a way that honors my ideals and ethos in life and business. I personally seek out brands that take the triple bottom line into consideration, and wanted to build something that people could feel good about purchasing.

From the top down our bandanas are made in a way that supports many different small businesses.  When you purchase one of our bandanas, you are not just supporting BOTMC, a woman-owned small business, but all the other peeps too.  Those who weave our fabric, cut and sew it into bandanas, where we get them printed, as well as supporting all the independent craft shows and makers markets your support allows us to participate in every year.

Custom Bandanas & Bandana Blanks

In our never-ending quest to craft the perfect bandana, we began to import Japanese cotton and have it hand cut and sewn in the USA.  The fabric has a nicer, lighter hand-feel and so many color options existed without having to hand-dye every one, leading to a more consistent end product.  Plus we responded feedback to wanting a more "finished" edge, so a folded hem instead of a rolled overlock hem.  I was constantly being asked for help from others on their quest to make a dream bandana, and kept hearing the feedback of not liking the available blanks on the market.  I sympathized deeply and decided to bring the blanks that I was using for BOTMC to the peoples. 

We offer custom bandana services as bare-bones as you just purchasing our blanks and going forth to print them yourself or using a local print shop to a full concierge service where I help facilitate your dream bandana from design pointers to end product arriving at your door.  It makes me so happy to be able to use the hard-won knowledge of the bandana business to help make more rad bandanas for all kinds of bands, brands and artists.

What can you do with so many bandanas?

Honestly, what can't you do with so many bandanas?  Here are some suggestions:

  • cloth napkins

  • washable handkerchief

  • gift wrap

  • altar cloth

  • prayer flags

  • neckerchief

  • hair tie

  • pocket square

  • hobo suitcase

  • baby burp cloth

  • give it to a friend!

  • dip it in cool water on a hot day and tie it around your neck

  • wear it under your motorcycle helmet

  • wear it as a bracelet

  • Tie it on your dog!

Soooo...tell me about yourself.....

OK, since you asked!  At Bandana of the Month Club it isn't just little ole me you see, it is an ever-changing collaboration with artists, makers, my friends and family, and of course- our club members!  If you have an idea, artist suggestion, better ways to do business, an elaborate (and funny) joke- we will listen.

On a personal note, I am a big old goofy gal currently living in the Arkansas Ozarks.  I have lived from Portland West to Portland East and all points in between.  I can usually be found on an adventure with my daughter Frances and dog Brother. Leading up to this moment in my life I have worked as an organic farmer, local-foods advocate, farmers market manager, Fun Club president, and many, many odd (quite literally) jobs and side hustles. I find inspiration in books about nature, in the woods, at the swimming hole and through creative and kind humans.  I strive to find ways to give back to all that has and will continue to support me and all life. Sorry to get so heady at the end there, I was feeling it.  Now enjoy some photos of us in the wild.

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