High-quality bandana blanks for all of your custom bandana projects.

HOW it works

Like the name implies- we sell blank bandanas.  That is it.  Order from our stock below, or hop on our next pre-order!  We offer the highest quality bandana blanks on the market made right here in the USA.  We use them in our business and are happy to offer them to you for your own custom bandana projects. 


Print your own, use your local print shop, or use our trusted bandana print shop (we will ship the bandanas straight to them)for your own custom screen printed bandana!  We do not print the bandanas, or have anything to do with the design process or printing of the bandanas.  We sell blanks and can refer you to a print shop we know and trust. 


PLEASE CHOOSE WHOLESALE SHIPPING AT CHECKOUT. If you do not choose wholesale checkout, we will follow-up with an invoice for the difference with an additional $2 invoicing fee.  Any shipping overages will be refunded. 

Still have questions? Just send us an email.


While we have a small, limited stock the sky is the limit for to to create the blank of your dreams.  What you see below is what we have in stock, as well as how to do a custom order or jump on our next pre-order.  Pre-orders allow us to take advantage of economy of scale and give you the lowest price possible.  We will push any pre-order through once we hit a total of 1,000 blanks ordered, or every 4 months- whatever comes first.  Our next pre-order close date is November 15.

Custom Blanks

We can make custom blanks for you with a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks, any time of the year!  Minimums are 200/color. (minimum can be waived if you pay a fabric cut fee). You choose the size, fabric, color and edge options.  This is different from the pre-order.  Prices vary but typically will be around the following (depending on fabric choice):

  • 22" 3 side flat hem with selvedge- $6.50/blank

  • 22" 4 side flat hem- $6.92/blank

  • 22" Overlock edge - $5.52/blank