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custom & Blank BANDANAS

We want to help you create the bandana of your wildest dreams!

HOW it works

We can facilitate your custom bandana order using the know-how and contacts we have gathered during the last five years of being in business.  We have jumped through all the hoops and learned the hard way so you don't have to!  You can peruse below and create your dream bandana or send us an email and we will help guide you through the process.  From start to finish, we are your bandana concierge and we know you will be pleased with the end product.

Domestic Printing

Made in the USA!  For this option you can choose to print on our premium blanks, or you can choose to print on USA grown & sewn blanks.  Designs are printed using eco-friendly waterbased inks for minimal handfeel.  Print up to 3 colors ink.  Many ink colors available and Pantone ink matching available.  No set-up fees, 2-3 week turnaround.

Imported Printing

These bandanas are screen printed on 100% cotton with zero hand feel.  We offer two fabric options, because some people like the finished product to be as light and thin feeling as possible.  Print up to 8 colors ink with free Pantone matching.  Bandanas can be finished at any size.  Edge to edge printing for no extra charge.  All bandana hems are folded flat hem stitched. 6-8 week turnaround.

Otherwise, if you have a vision and a printer in mind, or you want to print yourself you can DIY by just ordering our blanks below.  We offer may options and colors although stock is variable and it's "what you see is what you get".  Order minimums are 10/color and you must choose WHOLESALE SHIPPING at checkout.  If you don't, your order will be canceled or we will send you an invoice for the correct shipping along with a $2 invoicing fee.

Still have questions? Just send us an email.

Custom Blanks

We can make custom blanks for you with a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks, any time of the year!  Minimums are 185/color.  You choose the size, fabric, color and edge options.  Prices vary but typically will be around the following (depending on fabric choice):

  • 22" 3 side flat hem with selvedge- $6.50/blank

  • 22" 4 side flat hem- $6.92/blank

clients we have worked with...

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