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Made by the textile masters in India, these bandanas are made and screened by hand, like they used to be made, using dyes that become part of the fabric leaving zero hand-feel and almost complete saturation to the otherside. We have worked diligently over the past 4 years vetting, sampling, ceaselessly researching and emailing to finally have a partnership in India that can create our holy grail of bandanas.


 Most bandanas and scarves in India are printed on cotton voile, but we use a slightly heavier cotton lawn, to ensure the durability of your bandana as work wear or a fashion accessory. It is still absolutely heavenly to touch with beautiful drape and you won't get a handful of boogers if you blow your nose.


These bandanas come with a four-sided flat hem and the sky is the limit in terms of ink colors and base bandana color. Pre-production samples can be provided for an additional fee. This is for a ready to go design that needs no modification. If you need artwork or design modification, additional fees apply.


Minimums start at 100 pieces/design.  International shipping will vary with amount, and will be included in the final invoice. All import fees are included with the pricing.

Imported vintage-like Bandana

  • Please reach out to us about pricing for our imported bandanas! Quotes are built for each project.

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