Tuscan Tomato Soup

One of my favorite soups ever, comes from a place called The Bread Garden in Iowa City, IA. The soup is called Tuscan Tomato, and I always loved the texture and creaminess of the soup- but could never quite put my finger on the secret ingredient that made it so special. Well soup fans, the day has come (in fact it came about 4 years ago- but now the day has come to tell you). The secret ingredient to the best tomato soup you will ever have is... bread. Apparently this soup is also called Pappa al pomodoro and it is a traditional Tuscan soup. I just figured that out, so the recipe that I created isn't exactly what your Nonna would be making you, but I was pretty damn close, and it was delicious. I always like to use recipes as a rough guideline anyways which is why I constantly fail as a baker.

This soup is very simple, takes few ingredients and is very hearty, delicious and its vegan! Tuscan Tomato Soup serves- 8-10