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Hello out there... This here is my website created with the purpose of introducing you to my work as well as providing a platform for me to share recipes, ideas and tutorials that you may find interesting. The idea behind the name, All Together Now, has a dual meaning.

The first comes from a personal identification as a generalist and not a specialist. I want to learn how to do all the things. However, most of what has captured my spirit has been related to food. Whether it is working as an organic farmer, managing a farmers market, cooking up from-scratch, locally sourced meals as a chef, advocating for family farmers, hosting countless dinner parties, getting a masters degree in holistic nutrition or teaching food preservation classes- the common thread of nourishment is ever-present. All Together Now is a way to synthesize what I have learned through my experiences and work to help others with this knowledge.

The second meaning encompasses the idea that to achieve true wellness we must have the support of our own individual community of friends and family. In this current state of prizing convenience above all else we must work together to find our way back to valuing those activities that nurture us in body, mind and spirit. We must all use our strengths to help and teach one another be the best versions of ourselves. It is with these intentions that I started All Together Now, and I will continue to work towards with this spirit, forever. Join me?


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