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Ray and I work a fruit and vegetable farm in the Northeast. A few years back we got married and hired Lindsey to craft a meal for 200 of our closest friends using only the food we grow and meat we, and our cousins, raise. 


The menu was tacos with a pre-feast of appetizers.  She nailed it.  I still dream about those fresh empanadas and cheesy grit kale rolls- not to mention the pulled chicken taco (dang that was good)… Three years have gone by and we still reference how dynamite the food was.  Also the presentation was so beautiful- major wow factor with the hot-pink deviled eggs.


Bottomline- we feel so incredibly lucky to have had Lindsey cook for our wedding.  And I know for a fact that whatever your event calls for, hiring Lindsey to cater is the smartest move you can make. she slays.   

Jenny + Ray

Cornish, NH

If you are looking for a caterer that appeals to the masses, look no further! Lindsey prepared one of the most remarkable brunch spreads I’ve ever witnessed.  Not only did she go above and beyond our expectations, our guests are still making comments (1 year later) about how much thought and time she put into the lovely meal. Her menu offers several vegetarian items, along with staples like eggs, bacon, and sausages. Not to mention, there was something for everyone to enjoy (regardless of food intolerances and allergies). Another star of the show: her handcrafted breakfast cocktails made with seasonal ingredients. What a treat! The combination of her top-notch presentation, the use of high quality ingredients, and her unique array of menu items is quite impressive. If you have the room, she’s also a stud at whipping up a selection of desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. All in all, Lindsey was such a joy to work with, and her fantastic flair makes this a catering opportunity not to be missed!

Kaitlin + Craig

Cedar Rapids, IA

Wow! We had the best experience working with All Together Now for our midsize wedding. Lindsey took the time to meet with us as we nailed down the menu. She also came out to the venue and met with the coordinator. She was beyond professional and just helped guide us through menu planning, dinnerware suggestions and special requests with great wisdom from experience.  She had awesome variety and choices and worked with us to provide an excellent experience with our budget. Everyone agreed that the braised short rib was an excellent choice. It made the event feel elegant and classy. The food presentation was just gorgeous. The day of the wedding, All Together Now was punctual and focused. I felt like I was in good hands. The food and service was top-notch. Very thoughtful and very accommodating! Would recommend to anyone! All Together Now is a hard working and thoughtful company. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up and tip o' di hat to ya!

Amber + Lonny

Golden, CO

Love emanates from Lindsey's food and it’s exactly what you would want at any event that you host. Especially a wedding, when you are serving your dearest family and friends your first meal as husband and wife. Lindsey is the cornerstone needed to help you celebrate in style and set the stage for a wholesome, nourishing relationship with your new partner.  Everything was absolutely perfect from the experience of preparing the meal to the divine presentation and the outrageously incredible flavors! She makes everything from scratch and that makes the flavors more delicious than any other caterer would do. We needed pickled onions, so a week before she made them!


We are so glad that we flew Lindsey to Hawai’i to cater our wedding!!! People are still raving about how delicious and over-the-top everything was! To top it off, it was all cooked in an underground traditional Hawaiian imu and an outdoor kitchen we built for the wedding. Only Lindsey Byers could seamlessly cater a high-class dining experience using almost 100% local ingredients out of a make-shift kitchen and a hole in the ground… and have a beaming smile the entire time! LIndsey’s laughter echoed from the kitchen and made this huge catering job delightful for the staff we hired for her, of the guests and most of all, the bride and groom!


Months before the wedding Lindsey worked with me to create a mouth-watering menu to feature all of the foods in season in Hawai’I and reflect Eric and my favorite foods. She is an top-of-the-line chef that magically turns any seasonal ingredient into a scrumptious feast! Most catering companies cannot use local foods because they simply don’t have the skills or imagination to work with local ingredients. Lindsey is extremely talented in this arena and can easily change main ingredients to be even more delicious if the farmers don’t have them… or if the bride messes up the meat! I accidentally put some of the venision she was saving into the underground cooking imu… instead of freaking out that I changed her whole menu, she totally saved the day and made the meal even more incredible originally planned! Lindsey not only meets but exceeds expectations!


So what did we serve? Pupu’s (appetizers) were passed Kaua’I shrimp on guacamole wonton cups and stunning rainbow spring rolls. Two long wood tables overflowing with fresh cut veggies and fruits, an incredible selection of meats and cheeses, fresh made ahi poke and ahi sashimi in cabbage cups, spanakopita and more. A beautifully plated salad with roasted beets, macadamia nuts, local goat cheese, ferns and an incredible passion fruit vinaigrette. Marinated grilled mahi mahi over thai basil pesto and topped with a local mango-ginger gastrique. Coffee and kiawe rubbed imu turkey topped with an avocado herb sauce. Purple and orange sweet potato coconut lemongrass lau lau (individually wrapped in ti-leaf packets. Roasted local vegetbales cooked to perfection. Mashed breadfruit with roasted garlic. And last but not least, the most delicious imu cooked venison sliders with pineapple-passion fruit BBQ sauce on a taro roll and of course… smores!


Our wedding was so perfect because Lindsey brought our dreams to life and made them even better than imaginable! Hire her, fly her to wherever you are and make the best decision of your entire wedding!

Tiana + Eric

Kilauea, HI

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