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All our badanas are

  • 100% Grown & Sewn in the USA cotton
  • Artist-designed
  • Hand-dyed
  • Printed using eco-friendly, water-based ink
    • once they are sold out, they are never printed again

Mia Ohki is a Metis-Japanese-Canadian artist, born in Connecticut, USA, and raised in Alberta, Canada. She lives and works between Edmonton, AB, and Vancouver, BC.

Mia primarily illustrates with black pen on white paper; however, she also uses many other visual art mediums, including sculpture and paint. Her art is influenced by her background, with Japanese and Metis culture frequently intersecting in her work.

"I work with distinct black line-work for traditional simplicity in my communication of emotions and ideas. Although I occasionally experiment with different mediums, I usually use black pen or paint on white canvas or paper. I attempt to inspire feelings in the viewer with an emphasis on setting and body language instead of clear facial features or expressions. My work is for all audiences, and I strive to create relatable portrayals of the feminine, social, and cultural influences in my life. Subject matter frequently centers around my background, and as a Japanese-Metis artist, it serves as a way to show the viewer a unique mixed cultural perspective. Interactions with nature and the personification of nature are also subjects I have enjoyed exploring throughout my practice. My first solo show titled 'I Know What It Looks Like'' was completed in 2018 - all information can be found on my website."

November 2020 Bandana Designed by Mia Ohki

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