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This bandana is:


  • 100% Japanese cotton
  • Made in the USA
  • Artist-designed
  • Printed using eco-friendly, water-based ink
  • LIMITED EDITION! once they are sold out, they are never printed again
  • 23”x23"
  • Folded & hemmed on three sides, with a fourth being a traditional selvage edge.  Just like they used to do!  **See sidebar for more info on this unique type of edge!**


Chelsea Skye, the artist behind Lunarlilt, is a full time artist residing near the mountains in Canada. Chelsea works with many mediums and her process is ever-evolving. Most recently she has been focused on acrylic and digital mediums. Chelsea approaches the creative process as a space where the sacred can speak. She believes art is an inherently intuitive act and when we allow and trust what wants to be created through us, we are given exactly what we need. She is deeply inspired by nature, the cosmos and the ever-enchanting mystery of existence.

The poem/statement for the bandana design:

if you could see it: the bigness of who you are, there would no longer be a moment to waste stumbling on the small worries. if you could taste it: the true essence of self, there wouldn’t be any room for questioning whether you are or are not. the truth is you are all, both, everything at once. you are the anima mundi - the soul of the world. you and all others. you and every being, every breath. there is no time left to stay locked in mind traps. you are here and so alive. you are here and the wonder keeps pulling you forward, calling out for you to dance. ⁣

June 2022 bandana by Lunarlilt

  • A selvage's main purpose is to prevent unraveling or fraying, which makes a fabric stable and secure. Some fabrics come with frayed edges for aesthetic purposes. A selvage's self-finished edge makes sure that this fraying won't come undone and affect or damage the rest of your fabric.


    Find a more detailed history of the bandana here One of our favorite passages from this history...


    As a minimum, you can expect bandanas to be 100% cotton... Some of the best makers offer selvedge bandanas, which have a barely noticeable selvedge line on one or two edges. The edges that are not selvedge will be folded and stitched.


    One of the few places you can check the quality of the work is the corners. Has it been stitched together hastily, or is it clean and precise work? If you’re paying for well-made, it’s fair to expect nothing short of perfection. 


    Hand feel is an excellent guide here. If you like the look of the bandana, pick it up and rub the material between your fingers. Is it soft and supple? That’s a sure sign that the maker has gone out of their way to source top-grade cotton for their bandana. If it feels crisp or papery, mosey on to the next one.


    Some well-made bandanas are deeply saturated in colour and could block out the sun on a cloudless day. Others are given a gentler dye treatment and are almost transparent. One isn’t better than the other, it’s just a matter of the maker’s purpose and your preference.


    Finally, a well-made bandana, when unfolded and laid flat, should communicate something to you. It might tell a story, or it might evoke some far-away time and place or something nearer and dearer. 


    Great makers produce bandanas with this kind of intention. The bandana is their canvas, and, like all artists, they want their story to be understood and their work to be appreciated.  

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