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ORDER BY June 30 to sign-up for the July limited-edition bandana designed by Norma Vela.   This bandana will ship the first week in July.

Bandanas hand-cut, sewn and printed in the USA on Japanese cotton. 

Sign up by the end of the month and your subscription will begin the following month. Bandanas will arrive by the 15th of each month. Each bandana is custom sewn, dyed and printed with water-based, eco-friendly ink that penetrates into the fabric, making the bandanas feel soft and vintagey from the get-go.

Bandana of the Month Club

  • Want to join the club, but not pay in one lump sum?  Click here to join the club and get automatically charged on the 1st of each month.  Cancel anytime! 

  • As much as we would like to offer free shipping, it just isn't a financial option for us at the moment.  A lot of people will just roll the price of shipping into the cost of the product when they offer "free" shipping.  We, however, do not do this, as you can order several items and the shipping price will remain the same.  We also do not charge the full cost of shipping.  We share some of the shipping cost as thank you! 

    Please choose standard shipping at checkout.  There are a few other options to choose for our wholesale customers only.  When you choose one of these options, because it might be a lower price, I will send a follow-up invoice for the shipping and an invoicing fee will be added.  So if you see the shipping option "APPROVED ONLY. DO NOT CHOOSE UNLESS YOU ARE APPROVED!!"  This does not apply to this product. 

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