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Thai Spiced Shrimp & Guacamole on a Wonton, Taro or Sweet Potato Crisp. And one by special request for a vegan as well.

Vegetarian Mezze Platter with Spanikopita, Baba Ganoush, Hummus, Olives, Tzatziki and more

Ahi Sashimi on Napa Cabbage Tower

The "Ocean Station" with sushi, sashimi & sunonomo

Crudité all day!

Roasted Veggie Platter ready to roll, family style!

Appetizer board for New Hampshire farm wedding. Most ingredients were from the farm, everything was made from scratch.

Beautiful setting for a party.

Out-of-town friends & family brunch for a wedding in Iowa.

Blini bar with house-made fruit purees.

Chia seed parfaits.

Smoked salmon flat bread with chives, capers, and house-made ricotta and pickled red onions

Mango macadamia chia parfaits

Buckeye Gathering. A six day primitive skills gathering in the woods of Northern California. An event I have cooked at for 4 years.

Breakfast board for Buckeye

Congee. A Chinese rice porridge with seaweed, mushrooms, green onions and a boiled egg. Topped with cilantro and gomasio.

Dinner board for Buckeye

Feeding 600 people takes large equipment!

Dinner board. An outdoor kitchen doesn't stop us from making yummy food!


Borscht for lunch at Buckeye

Tortilla soup topped with crispy carnitas and cilantro for a warming lunch at Buckeye Gathering

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