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What is Holistic Nutrition?

In general holistic nutrition is a modality of healing through whole foods.  It is the practice of using food as medicine to nourish our mind, body and spirit.

On a more specific level it is a individualized whole person approach to food.  There is no one size fits all diet. It is different than dietetics in that it doesn't just view food as a vehicle for macro- and micro-nutrients and calories that are either "good" or "bad".  Each of us has our own food story that shapes why, what and how we eat and it is important to recognize and honor this to move towards a personalized path of wellness.

Work with me

Whether you are recently diagnosed with an illness or food sensitivity, or you have a wellness goal and would like some additional support to reach it, or you just would like some help meal planning, or you want to learn new techniques of healthy cooking: I am here for you.  I take on a small number of clients at a time and work diligently to help achieve a specific outcome.  If you are ready to make some changes and get support to reach your wellness goals, please contact me!

My Philosophy

My ideas toward food and wellness is that it should all be good.  You should be feeling good while eating good food.  Sometimes you eat food to nourish your body and sometimes you eat food to nourish your soul- ideally it does both.  Food truly is medicine with its ability to heal, repair, comfort and provide our body what it needs to maintain homeostasis, or our ideal equilibrium.

What it is

  • A process.  Just as you are not going to develop a chronic condition overnight- you are not going to automatically reach your wellness goal overnight.  We will work together to see what is working for you, and what needs to be adjusted.  This is a lifestyle choice you are making- and I am here to help support you on this journey.

  • Personalised. After our initial consultation, I will have a better idea of your food story, your goals, and your personal preferences.  After that we will devise a strategy and a timeline for moving forward. 

  • Fun.  Eating and cooking are my favorite activities, ever.  Going through an illness or dealing with a medically necessary dietary change is a drag, so let's explore ways that make it less so.

  • Directed by you.  I am not here to dictate how you should live your life, or to push any sort of agenda on to you.  I want to learn about what your goals are, and help you get there.

What it is Not

  • A diet. I cannot stress that enough.  Fad diets are not only proven to be ineffective, they often can cause emotions of guilt, shame, ineffectiveness or rebellion when you eat something you "shouldn't".  This is definitely not that.  We are going to work on devising a personalized plan that is focused on inclusion of all the foods you love and to recognize and appreciate that (barring severe food allergies) there is room for every food in a healthy diet.  I will help you practice intuitive eating, which is the practice of becoming the world expert on your own body.  It is about listening to cues and clues and following them to learn the roadmap to your own personal optimal heath and vitality.

  • For everyone.  We all have different motivations for why we do what we do, but to do the work of creating a lifestyle change, you need to be ready.  When you tell me your wellness goal, we are entering into a partnership to achieve it.   We are all human, and of course it's not going to be perfect and there will be setbacks- but I would like us to make a commitment to each other that we will work towards an embodied solution.  Then there will be no more need of my services!

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