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Have your gift shipped right to your loved one all packaged up with a personalized handwritten card.


We have two options for paper. 


The first is what I call pink & gold fancy paper.  My grandfather thought it was ridiculous to spend so much money on small rolls of wrapping paper, and so he bought one giant deparment store roll of wrapping paper, that has now be handed down to me.


The second option is the "Julie Andrews" special.  As you might have guessed it, "brown paper packaging tied up with string" is one of her very favorite things, and mine too as it turns out.  Your gift will be wrapped up in recyclable brown kraft paper with red & white butcher twine string.  Classic.


Included is a handwritten note with your special message.


FULL DISCLOSURE:  It may look like a two-year old wrapped it.  I am not that great at wrapping gifts.  But it will be so authentic looking!  (see pictures)

Gift Wrapping

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